Inspection Générale des Finances (IGF)

Inspecteur Général des Finances
18 May 2021

Annual Activity Report 2019 of the General Inspectorate of Finance

Communication is the the basis of community life and the maintenance of cohesion between the various components.

It is the source of progress and power. This is why we say that the one who masters the channels communication masters power.

In terms of auditing and control nothing can be done effectively without communication between all the actors, who may have some information on the subject or object of verification.

At the level of administrative order control (OCOA), communication between the different public services facilitate the exchange and use of documented information (written, oral, digital, visual) to conduct the work of verification.

Indeed, these services constitute gold mines to feed the work of verification. That this either the tax authorities, customs, budget, treasury, public markets, the agency in charge of land, the police, the institute in charge of statistical studies, municipalities, banks, even civil society organizations, all these structures have databases that can be useful for OCOA verification missions.

The crossing of information that is provided by these structures allows to have data reliable allowing to confuse certain individuals in conflict with the rules community and unravel the web of economic crimes that could go unnoticed or remain unexplained.

This is why, it is necessary welcome and support the various dematerialization and digitization processes in progress in these structures. This should further facilitate the work of inspections, if good collaboration and efficient communication of said information is given during inspections in respect of freedoms individuals and the exercise of public authority prerogatives.

I would like to thank and congratulate all the different actors who have established a good collaboration and communication with OCOA, in general and the General Inspectorate of Finance, in particular. The success and results that are achieved today by are the fruits.

Finally, the results obtained in 2019 and that are the subject of this report were only possible with the active participation of staff, all categories combined, and members OCOA associated with the execution of certain works.

I wish you pleasure reading this new edition of the activity report of the General Inspectorate of Finances.

Inspector General of Finance,

Head of Service